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Solar Energy in Ireland

Solar energy or solar irradiation as it’s often referred to is the energy output received in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the sun. Did you know that Ireland receives just as much solar energy as France and Germany? This might be hard to believe but because Ireland has long summer days, the conditions are ideal for solar energy generation. Ireland’s days are much longer than in Southern Europe, so what we lack in sun strength, we make up for in long daylight hours. 

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Solar Map Ireland

Solar Map Ireland

The map shows the estimated solar PV power generation potential. It represents the average daily and yearly totals of electricity as measured over a 25-year period 1994-2018.

Delivering 30-40% of a typical
annual electricity demand

Solar panels will perform at their best in direct sunlight. A typical home solar PV system sized at 20 sq. m (~3kW) would generate around 2,600kWh of electricity a year if well-located, over 30-40% of a typical annual electricity demand of an Irish home.

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