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Zero VAT rate: The reduced rate or “zero rate” may apply when solar panels are supplied and installed as part of a supply and install contract. For more information, visit the website of

Domestic Solar PV Grant: SEAI currently offers homeowners a grant towards the cost of installation of a domestic solar PV system.

  • €900 per kWp up to 2kWp example: €1800 for 2kWp solar panels
  • €300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp example: €2100 for 3kWp solar panels
  • Total Solar PV grant capped at €2400 example: €2400 for 4kWp solar panels

Who can apply?

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2021 can apply. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed. This is different to other grant measures where the home must be built before 2011.

Full information and how to apply for this grant can be found on the SEAI website.

Grant support available on your EV charger

The SEAI grant scheme covers €600 on the installation of Zappi EV charger as long as it is installed by a SEAI registered installer, and Solar Choices is just that!

Full grant information on an EV charger can be found on the SEAI website.


Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA)
This is a tax incentive aimed at companies paying corporation tax, sole-traders and non-corporates. The scheme allows them to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the first year of purpose. Solar PV systems can qualify for the scheme provided the model of solar panel is registered on the Triple E Register. More information on Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA) can be found on the SEAI website.



TAMS 3 Solar Capital Investment Scheme
The Solar Capital Investment Scheme will encourage the purchase of solar investments thereby reducing dependence on fossil energy. The solar scheme will be ring fenced with its own investment ceiling of €90,000 and will be grant aided at the enhanced rate of 60%. More information on the TAMS 3 Solar Capital Investment Scheme can be found on the website.


Grants Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED)
The Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) programme offers grant support to business and industry for energy improvements and can encompass grant support for solar PV systems. More information on Grants Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) can be found on the SEAI website.

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