Solar Choices

Protect yourself against the rising electricity costs

Benefit and rely on a steady supply of renewable electricity to your
home for the foreseeable future to combat the unpredictable, rising
costs of electricity.

A Zappi Electric Vehicle (EV) charger is the perfect match with your solar PV system. You can monitor the exported power from your property and control the charging rate of the EV to match the available surplus generation.

Be self-sufficient and charge your car with free solar energy!

  1. Eco – This mode is a mixture of both green energy and energy imported from the grid. eco mode minimises the use of grid power and can charge using 100% green energy. The charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power being used elsewhere in the home. If the surplus generation drops below 1.4kw some power will be drawn from the grid to top it back up.

  2. Eco + – Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Your EV charger will pause if there is too much-imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

  3. Fast – In this mode, the vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This power can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the grid.

Solar PV

Charge your vehicle with the free, abundant energy harnessed by natural daylight all year long by pairing your Zappi EV Charger with a solar PV system.

Safe and Easy
to Install

Currently, the Zappi EV charger the only charger in Ireland with no earth rods required. Built-in PEN fault technology makes Zappi EV chargers in Ireland safe and easy to install when compared to other brands.

Set Timers

At certain hours ‘time of use energy tariffs’ are significantly cheaper. With zappi, you can use the ‘boost timer’ option to start charging at times with the lowest rates. It’s a cost-saving charging alarm clock for your electric car!

Warranty Coverage

Zappi EV chargers come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. All you need to do is have the Zappi EV charger installed and then register your product to take advantage of seamless charging.

Zappi has 3 great
charging modes

Your Zappi EV Charger has 3 excellent charging modes: FAST, ECO and ECO+. Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference - the intelligent, efficient and sensible way to charge your electric vehicle.

Eligible for
SEAI Grants

Save money on the total installation costs through SEAI Grants

Grant support available
on your EV charger

The SEAI grant scheme covers €600 on the installation of Zappi EV charger as long as it is installed by a SEAI registered installer, and Solar Choices is just that!

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more information

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